Thursday, February 18, 2010

Holy Taco

On the corner of George Mason Drive and Columbia Pike in Arlington sits an unassuming lunch cart waiting for its daily stream of customers to arrive. On Sunday afternoon, like you see here, business trickles in slowly but steadily. On the weekday lunch rush however, this little cart looks ready to be overrun by a swarm of customers. A mix of immigrant laborers and a local office workers, they all come here looking for the same thing; The best tacos in DC.

What they serve are these amazing carne asada street tacos similar to the ones you’d find on the streets of Mexico city. I’d been looking for these authentic street style tacos since I moved to the area. These aren’t your typical “Tex-Mex” style tacos you get at Chevys or Don Pablos.

So what makes these $2 street treats so special? Try two corn tortillas stuffed with marinated and shredded skirt steak then topped with fresh pico de gallo and “ranchero-style” salsa. Sound good? Try this:

Sorry for the half eaten taco picture, but I just couldn’t help myself. As you can see, they’re hard for me to resist. Anyways, next time you find yourself on George Mason Dr in Arlington with $2 in your pocket, try one of these little delights. You might just find more reasons to head back.

Comida Latina Express (parking lot of Food Star Supermarket, 950 S. George Mason Dr., Arlington; 703-855-1961) Open daily 11 to 8.

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